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Why development companies are better than freelancers for development?

Why development companies are better than freelancers for development?

  Why development companies are better than freelancers for development:

Loss of knowledge:  As freelancers come and go, their unique set of skills and their knowledge and logic of the project go with them. To the detriment of a web development company like us. We find it difficult to replicate similar results as that of the freelancer if he is no longer available. Furthermore, it makes complex website maintenance difficult if a freelancer is no longer available

Lack of availability: A widespread disadvantage is the fact that specific freelancers may be dedicated to other projects and not always available for your project. Instead of this we (Codestreax) as a dedicated team always available for your project and assures on-time delivery for your project

Loss of Control (over quality, time, and resources): Unlike a development company like us with established workflows, freelancers work independently. Thus, there may be a lack of control over their actions, timelines, and quality. We prefer different methodologies for different kinds of projects with a dynamic approach that suits your project.

Less Buy-in / More Risk Involved: As freelancers have no long-term commitment to your project they may have less ‘buy-in’. They may be happy to produce mediocre work or not even meet the brief as there are unlikely to be serious repercussions involved. If they’re let go, they can move on to the next project. This can make relying on them extremely risky. Instead, these agencies are registered firms that will help you to grow without any kind of risk. Codestreax is a dedicated firm that helps you to grow digitally without any risk

Less Understanding (of a project and moving parts): By working on their own, freelancers are less likely to come into contact with other stakeholders that may be involved in the web design process, such as project managers, and UI & UX designers. This lack of interaction can lead to a lack of understanding of project requirements and the output required. Instead of this, we as a development company gather all of your requirements and study them to find out a working solution and a software development model along with a UI & UX design that helps you to visualize what will be the desired outcome for your project.

Limited to a specific domain: If you hire a freelancer for your project he will be limited to his particular domain if you hired a web development freelancer he will only help you in web development he may not have any idea about UI & UX for your project or he may not know how to make the architecture of the project or he may not how to manage the project. Instead of this, we as a development company have a team of experts in all sorts of domains.

So, it is better to hire a development company like us instead of hiring a freelancer for your next development project.




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